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Why I BlogHappy Friday, everyone! Are you as ready for a weekend as I am? This week was jam packed with crazy days, so I can’t wait to sleep in and reboot.

I woke up this morning in an amazing, light hearted and heavily spirited mood, and even though I didn’t have a post planned for the day, I knew I wanted to come say hello and check in with all of you before we’re off for the weekend. We’ve done a lot this week here – set some goals, met other bloggers, and even started spring cleaning. So I thought today, we could keep I’d keep it light, and share something a lot of bloggers have been talking about lately – why I blog.

My blogging journey has been a long one filled with lot’s of bumps and curves. I honestly can’t fully count the number of year’s I’ve been blogging. But, oddly enough, I can count the number of years that I have called myself a blogger. Because I think there is definitely a difference, between someone who has a blog and someone who considers herself or himself a blogger. I had many a blog throughout my high school, and even middle school, years. But it wasn’t until 2011 that I really stepped into this thing and became a blogger. And man, am I happy I stepped in.

If you would have told me four years ago that I would have this blog, and share on these topics, I might nod and chuckle, but I certainty wouldn’t believe you. Now, if you ask me what I’d like to be doing in four years, I will likely read you a list of things – and this blog would be on it.

I blog to keep myself creative, and to challenge my own creativity. I’m always thinking of new ideas; for posts, series, graphics or ventures. Coming to this space pushes me to think beyond my own creative confines. I’m always learning new things and refreshing old skills.

I’ve also met some of the most incredibly kind and creative souls through blogging. I’ve gotten the chance to guest post and collaborate with people who bring out the absolute best in me. I love meeting people through this space, and getting the chance to connect and share with people from all over the world.

Being a blogger motivates me, inspires me, and keeps me plenty busy. It’s a job, a hobby, a passion and a skill that I continue to cultivate every day.

Why do you blog? 

photo by Julie Yarusinsky for The EveryGirl

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  1. I started out blogging because I needed a place to vent about my journey as a small biz owner and I was extremely low on inspiration. I blog now because I still love to share my journey but I also hope to inspire others to take that “leap of faith” like I did..Blogging has really helped me discover my passion for helping people and it has allowed me to meet and connect with so many amazing women!

    • I love how you want to inspire others to take a leap of faith! That’s awesome, and I’m sure as you’ve discovered your passions your readers have also started to realize their own!

  2. I started on a whim but then I realized I needed somewhere to funnel my creative energy so I kept it up

  3. I blog, because I love to encourage myself and others to ‘think outside the box’ and live life to the fullest. 🙂

    • Love that! Reading blogs does make me think outside the box, and open up to new ways of viewing things!

  4. I blog for a lot of the same reasons that you do. I started out doing it for fun, but realized I wanted to turn my blog into a place where people can learn, or be informed or inspired. Having a place to inspire and inform others has somehow inspired me to be creative and motivated as well. 🙂 I absolutely love finding other bloggers like you and others that inspire me!

    • I’m so glad we’ve been able to connect through blogging. Let’s keep going and continue to inspire one another!

      • I’m so happy we have as well! I love meeting other inspiring bloggers! 🙂 It makes me hope to be as inspiring as well!

  5. This was lovely. I hope my writings read like yours do. <3
    I feel the same way about blogging, it keeps me creative and pushes me to learn new things, even if nobody reads what I'm putting out there, I'm learning and pushing myself in new ways. And I have also gotten to know some fabulous and sincere people through blogging. It's amazing how it connect people near and far!

    • Thanks so much for the compliments Abby! I agree, it is amazing how blogging has connected me to people from literally across the globe!

  6. I love this. Blogging is definitely the best addition I’ve added to my life in a long time. I blog for all of the reasons you do and it has completely changed my life. Thanks for sharing this! it inspires me to post something similar very soon!

  7. This is great – I’m similar, in that I noticed a definite shift in myself between someone who had a blog/blogs, and someone who is a blogger.

  8. I blog to share topics that women may find valuable and to hopefully inspire them to create a career and life they love as well as hopefully help them to believe that it is actually achievable. I am working to become more creative with my blog and I am adding a new Sunday feature starting this weekend.

  9. I blog for very similar reasons. Creating is my therapy and I really enjoy it, I love that I can share it with the world. I also love to meet new people from reading other blogs, receiving comments from some lovely people, and pushing my blog to make it better and better whether that be through new content or a new design or feature. It’s all good fun!
    Sian xxx

  10. I’m a little selfish, I blog to keep growing myself and challenge myself. And I’ve met some very kind people in the process.