How to Write a Real Blog Post

It’s late, or maybe it’s early. Either way, blogger, you’re up and filled with way more energy than you should be. You’ve already scrolled through your common feeds, liked posts of friends up sharing meals and good times in other time zones, and now you figure it’s best to put this bolt of unwarranted energy to good use.

So, you decide to write a blog post, a real one.

You opt to skip snapping and editing a photo set up on a white backdrop with appropriate props and accessories to occupy the space beneath your post title. There’s no time for that. Instead, you put finger to key and let common practice take it’s course. Releasing those thoughts, anxieties and head fillers that (in the back of your mind) you know are the reason you’re alive with energy in the first place.

And the post pours out. There are no tips, no tricks or organized lists of a manageable number of “how-tos” to be tweeted out later. This post is real; it’s pure and untouched by blogging best practices. SEO and grammar are out the window.

After an endless stream of pounding words to text area, you pause. Why I am up, what am I writing?

Stop, go and grab a cup of coffee and a glass of water (or wine) –try to bring your brain and body up to speed with the out of body practice that is currently taking place. Back to Instagram, a quick flash to Twitter.

But you still aren’t done.

So you go back to your post. That empty white space stares back at you almost signaling that it’s okay to keep going –that it understands being used in a less structured and more spontaneous manner. So you write on.

You pour out a paragraph about how much having this space means. How you could’t imagine waking up without an outlet to spill your soul into, and a community to engage with and learn from. You talk a bit about perfection –that thing you battle everyday.

You share your frustrations with your biggest competition and toughest critic: yourself.

You write about being a work in progress –about how you don’t have it all together even though it seems that you do. How making it seem like you have it all together is such a time consuming job that you’d never actually have the time to get it all together. Pause, sip coffee –oh, irony.

You realized that you’re rambling, and that this real post is getting really long. Oh, an image –you skipped that part, but publishing a post (oh goodness, are you really going to publish it?!) without an image doesn’t feel right. So you dig through your VSCO cam library and find a photo that you never posted to use.

Debate with yourself…is this even post-able? Stop debating, take a deep breath and a big sip of coffee. Hit publish. Revel in celebration, you just wrote a real blog post.

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  1. haha love this! All my old blogging days were mainly like this! Now I’m trying to step away from such posts; and therefore often there’s NO posts! I love REAL blogging!

    • Real blogging is the best. It’s all about balance, we need the best of both worlds to fuel our passions 🙂

    • Haha! That’s awesome!

  2. I love this. Sometimes I feel under a lot of pressure to create beautiful, thoughtful posts – they almost seem clinical by the time I’ve finished! The photo has been deliberately shot and edited to within an inch of it’s life; the writing has been proofread and edited until it bears little resemblance to the original draft – it just doesn’t feel real. I think there is a huge issue on the interwebz about people glamourising their lives and losing touch of the fact that reality, quite often, isn’t pristine surfaces and perfection. Life has ups and downs, goods and bads – unfortunately people are able to use the internet too manipulate their lives until they (or their followers) can no longer see anything real in it.
    So yeah. Real blogging FTW!
    Beth x

    • We all feel that pressure, I think. It’s all about balance.

  3. This is totally how I write my blog posts. I just like to not have to follow strict guidelines and write as I please.

    • It’s so incredibly liberating to write this way!

  4. This is perfect. We all have to post like this sometimes. That’s why we all started blogging in the first place, I think it sometimes gets lost in the need to be successful all the time.

  5. Hahahaha I love this. Especially because you mentioned wine, you’re speaking my language 😉

    • Wine is a universal language 🙂

  6. This is brilliant. It has given me more confidence about my posts as a beginner x

    • I’m so happy to hear that!