Answering Questions on Career & Post-Grad Goals

qna_careergoalsWhen I launched my reader survey at the end of the year (thanks again to the stellar peeps who responded), I took the chance to let you guys ask me anything you wanted. It was so interesting to me how, out of all of the questions you could have asked, so many boiled down to a simple: what do you want to be when you grow up?

Okay, you guys asked in a much more sophisticated manner, but you get the drift. Since so many people were wondering, I thought I’d address exactly what my career goals and post grad plans look like. I’ll be answering some of the other questions in future posts. Some of them have already been answered and are on the FAQ page.

What do you study in school?

I’m a strategic communication major with a focus in public relations (try saying that five times fast). I also have a minor in Spanish, which I studied all through high school. The two are necessarily related, just two topics I knew I’d be wildly passionate about and wouldn’t mind dedicating large amount of time to over four years.

What are you passionate about?

People and relationships. I’m incredibly passionate about story telling, and using stories to help people accomplish big things. That’s why I chose PR as my major and career field. I wanted to use my passion and ability to tell stories in an engaging way to help brands relay their stories to their audiences. I love writing and speaking, and using social media and new technologies to connect people and brands….hence the blogging 🙂

Do you plan to take E&M full time? Do you see an end for Ember & March.

What a question! Okay, so my immediate answer would be no on both fronts. At least not right now. My immediate plans after graduation would be to get a job in PR or marketing. I’ll definitely still be blogging, I don’t see that coming to an end any time soon, but full time blogging is a way out for me. It’s definitely something I’d like to see happen in the future.

Also, I think it’s important to note that I’m a wearer of many hats –so even if I made blogging a full time gig, I doubt I’d ever be just blogging. 

What’s your dream job?

I honestly don’t have my sights set on one position in particular. I’d love to work someplace that fosters growth and creativity, that let’s me continue to learn but still values what I know, and that makes a difference.

Do you see yourself becoming a designer?

No, at least not right now. I love design –creating and appreciating it, but it’s not something I’d like to do all day, every day for the rest of my professional life. But I never say never!

Did I miss anything? Feel free to leave any other questions you have in the comments and if there are a few, I’ll do a part two to this post!

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  1. We sound very similar. I got my degree in PR too and have a PR job at an online marketing firm since I just graduated. I see you being perfect for this field! Let me know if I can ever help you on the job front. Having a full-time job and blogging can be difficult to juggle but it’s nothing we can’t handle!

    • I’ve always thought we had very similar paths. I’ll definitely keep you in mind when I’m deeper into the job search and the full-time/blog balance! Thanks 🙂

  2. I have a degree in communications with a concentration in PR!! Im so excited to see where your journey leads you!

    • Wow, I never knew that about you, but I could totally see that as your area of interest!

    • Thanks for reading, Jordan 🙂

  3. What was one thing you learned in college that is applicable to the blog world? How is the job search coming along? | SO HAPPY for you and this year! xo

    • One thing I’ve learned? Hmm… there are so many applicable lessons because of the field that I study. My biggest lesson, by far, has been that time management is everything in any project or venture you’re exploring. If you monitor your time well, you can give everything due attention.

      The job search is coming along well, I’m excited to start setting up interviews!