Creating a Home with Intention

apartmentinsp_003You’ve probably seen the early stages of me slowly but surely settling into my new place if you follow me on Snapchat. It’s been quite the process, but after having the chance to chat with the great team at BoConcept Philly, I know it’s better to go slow than rush and end up with a space you don’t love.

Still, seeing the place so empty everyday has me feeling so unsettled, and I finally feel like I’ve been in my space long enough to know exactly what I need and how I see myself really utilizing the space I have.

When I first found my apartment, it seemed obvious what and where everything would fit. It didn’t take my long to have lists saved and pieces picked out for almost every room in the studio. Now, just a few weeks after, I’ve nixed almost 70% of those items! Slow and steady, friends.

Creating a home with intentionThe approach I’ve been taking to decide what I really need versus what I think or thought I would need has been to really think about my intention to every part of my space. What do I really need my bedroom to bed and do, what purpose is the living room supposed to evoke?

This method has been really helpful in helping me insure I fill the place with the things I need and want to live and be comfortable without acquiring a ton of clutter.

Based on these intentions, I’ve been deciding what each room needs and started picking out pieces. You can see all of the inspiration I’ve gathered on this Pinterest board. I’ll also be sharing the process of settling in and filling the space on Instagram with the hashtag #HomeWithAmber.

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  1. I’ve just unpacked my boxes a few days ago and now I’m trying to find a place for everything, and also thinking about what more I need to buy (command hooks galore!). This post came at such an opportune moment for me, thank you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s