An End Of Year Blogger Checklist

End of Year Blogging ChecklistHappy post-holiday Monday, everyone! I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did filled with lot’s of good times and even better foods. As probably one of the most extroverted introverts you’ll ever meet, I recharge daily by spending time alone. Still, nothing gives me more of a positive and creative jolt than being around my family– especially my dad and sisters. If I have to be constantly surrounded by people, I’m glad it’s those people.

If you’re like me, you woke up this morning realizing that the year is literally almost gone. November has officially made it’s grand exit and the ball will be dropping in Times Square before we know!

The end of the year tends to be a slower time for some bloggers with more weeks of, slower posts and people taking some time away from social media to enjoy real life good times (cheers to that). It’s easy to fall way back from things online only to return that first week of January to a huge mess and pile to unfinished to-dos. I know many people are launching big projects, starting blogs and businesses at the tip of the year, so why not leave things well-kept so that you have an easy start in 2015?

I have a general rule when I’m traveling that I always try to abide by: clean your room before you leave, and always make the bed. Why? Because nothing is better than coming home to a room that smells like an apple cinnamon air freshener and clean, crisp sheets after bouncing from unfamiliar beds, trains and long car rides.

I’ve come to feel the same way about my blog, I have to clean before I leave.

Right now, I’m some major items on my checklist include: checking for broken links/images, creating elements for the new design to get it ready for launch, and start planning January’s editorial calendar!

To help you organize all of your end-of-year blogging to-do’s, I created a printable so that you could store it all in one place. If you keep a blogging binder, like I do, you can print it out, punch holes in and and add it to the front for easy storage. If you’re not a binder fan, print a few copies and keep them on your desk (or wherever you blog most often) so it doesn’t get lost in the hustle!

Click here to download the checklist


Thanks so much for those of you who have already taken my reader survey! So many of you have taken the time to provide some amazing feedback that I’m soaking up and using as a launching pad for next year’s content. The survey will be open until 11:59 this Thursday, so if you’d like to provide some feedback, you can do that here!


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  1. Love it!

  2. How fantastically kind of you, Amber! I definitely have lots to tie up before the end of the year, and having a checklist will no doubt help me do so!

  3. I agree about coming home to crisp sheets, it’s the best. Apple Cinnamon is the best too.

  4. You’re so right. I have to clean my house thoroughly before I leave for vacation. It’s so relaxing to come home to a house that’s spotless. I’ve never thought about those things with my blog. It’s a good reminder to do the same.

  5. This is so great, Amber! You always have the best printables and tips 🙂

  6. Your design is so clean and fresh, love it! Is there a post revealing what else is in your blogger binder? :]