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Gratitude Journal / Ember and MarchSome days, weeks and months are easier than others. Keeping a positive, optimist attitude is much easier when things are going right than when the odds are stacked against you and you don’t quite have a game plan yet.

I decided that I wanted to create something filled with all of the good stuff. The things, both small and large that bring me joy and remind me of all of the light in the world. Something that I could turn to when things get rough to remind me that, at one point, it wasn’t like this. Enter, the gratitude journal.Creating a Gratitude Journal

I’ve wanted to start a journal similar to this one for a while, but never got around to doing it. When I received this stunning notebook from Stephanie (pictured above) a few weeks ago, the bright colors and fresh pages inspired me to dive into the good stuff. Stephanie makes the notebooks with her own two hands. And if handmade goodies aren’t enough to keep your heart filled with gratitude, I’m not sure what is. I knew this notebook would be ideal for the project because the pages are durable, which means I can doodle, write and paste to my hearts desire without the book wearing over time.

I started gather some of my favorite quotes and putting together quick prompts centered around goodness and thankfulness. One of the first quote I wrote in it was one that I’d been reflecting on a lot lately. The notebook is very brightly colored thanks to Stephanie’s amazing painting skills, so I feel like every entry in this journal should be just as vibrant and lively. Creating a Gratitude JournalIf you’re thinking of creating your own gratitude journal, or even if you already have one, here are some prompts that I’ll be filling mine with that you may enjoy, too!

– Name 5 things you are grateful for in this moment.

– List 10 things that went well this week. Hint, you woke up this morning!

– List 5 people who bring light to your life.

– Write down 5 of your most inspired, outlandish and creative ideas. They’re valuable.

– List ways that you make the world better.

If you’d like a notebook by Stephanie like I have to create your journal, or just because they’re stunning pieces of art, check out her shop and blog. My notebook is Shade 43 and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s nice and compact which is great for just slipping it in my bag to have throughout the day without it weighing me down. I can’t wait to fill the pages with even more inspiring messages and reminders!

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To sweeten the deal on your weekend, Stephanie is offering a 25% off discount to Ember & March readers! Simply use the coupon code AMBER25 to have your discount applied on any notebook!steph bio

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  1. This is a great idea, really inspirational and it will, for sure, help us in those darck days. I love the idea and I can’t help but smile about mine, I’m definitely doing this, I bet I wont regret it!

    xx, Laila

    • Thanks, Laila! I’m sure you’ll love filling up your journal just as much as I do!

  2. I made my sister a similar journal (I called it her inspiration journal) when she was diagnosed with bulimia. It’s her most treasured possession.
    As for me, my blog is my gratitude journal. I post my Life’s Little Luxuries series once a week to highlight the little moments of sparkle that make my week worthwhile. It’s a great routine to get into – it’s helped me cope with my anxiety and create a more positive outlook on life!

    • I think it’s beautiful that you gave your sister such a treasurable gift. At a time when she most needed it, I’m sure. And I’m glad that your blog has become an outlet where you can express all of life’s joys.

  3. Love this! I’ve never made a whole journal, but I did something similar at the end of 2012. I made a list of all the great things that happened that year. It was really fun to do, and it’s still fun to go back and look at. These types of things are such a great reminder when we’re having bad days.

  4. Love this! I’ve gotten out of the habit of g-journaling but I used to carry around my moleskine everywhere. Maybe I’ll start back up again!

  5. Love this, Stephanie! What a great idea. Your journals are gorgeous. Great post!

  6. This is an awesome idea. Also, that handwriting is gorgeous.

  7. this is awesome!! I need to do this more. I just got a great notebook too.