I Wrote About This Already

The best part about blogging consistently? Having a digital record of exactly where you’ve been –mentally, physically and emotionally; logged and reserved for later reference.

This week was a dozy. There were some really temporary highs cut with a mix of lows that left me unsure about how to feel about myself and some other things. There’s nothing I hate more than second guessing my decisions and abilities, and I’ve done a lot of that this week.

I went through the archives quickly and found some posts from the past to search for similar sentiments and potential solutions.

I thought there’d be no better way to start the weekend, and push for it to be better than my week, than to reread these posts and pass the links along for anyone in similar situations.

Half the fun was going back in time to 20 year old Amber’s head. Whoa, 2013!

I hope these posts do for you what they did for me then, and what they’re doing for me now…

on preventing burnout and stress

+ Always choose gratitude 

+ Ten wellness reminders

+ 14 more wellness reminders

+ 8 Powerful affirmations

+ 10 Quotes for daily wellness

Getting through if you’re already there

+ When it all falls down

+ Just drop everything

+ Listen to yourself

+ How to look better

Recovering after the fact

+ The five minute disconnect

+ Embrace your quiet

+ Recovering from burnout

+ How to start the day focused

Happy weekend, guys. Here’s to getting through the tough times and getting back to what matters.

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  1. We’ve all blogged about it already, haven’t we? But it’s a never-ending topic, so it’s always worth a refresher!

    • I absolutely agree. Thanks so much for reading 🙂