Quick Fixes

Quick FixesHow do you cure your bad days? What’s your go to pick me up for a rough moment?

One thing that I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year and a half learning is how to better practice self care. Not just face masks and days sleeping in, though those are important, too. But I mean doing the actual, hard work of taking care of yourself.

There are some days I wake up super motivated and ready to take on whatever the day has in store. Other days, I’m pushing through a to-do list with nothing crossed off, contemplating a third (or fourth) cup of coffee.

Balance, right?

One of the things that drew me to bullet journaling were all of the ways you could check in on your health, wellness and habits daily. Knowing how I’m doing on a consistent basis is important to me. And knowing how to make adjustments when things aren’t going my way is equally important.

Knowing how you work best in any given situation is crucial.

So I started thinking about little things, quick fixes, that I reach for when I need an extra boost or a push forward. These aren’t big and don’t require a ton of time, just quick things that I can do for or by myself and almost instantly turn things around. I’m sure we all have them, so feel free to share your quick fixes in the comments.

Quick fixes

When I’m not feeling confident

You know those days when you just don’t feel so hot? Yeah, they’re the worst. My quick fix for this is to take a post it or fresh page in my notebook and write a few bullets about a time I did something amazing or felt amazing. Just writing a few quick sentences helps me kind of snap out of it and realize that these feelings aren’t coming from truth.

When I’m Feeling Lonely

I don’t often feel lonely, but if I ever do a quick FaceTime call to my dad is always an instant pick me up. Luckily, he’s always there to answer my calls whenever I need him and I’m so grateful for that. Shoutout to dads!

When I’m feeling lazy

I think people look at the work I do and assume that I’m always super motivated, but that’s just not true! Some Saturdays I just lay in bed for far too long scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube. Other days, I get wrapped up in a book and realize the entire day has passed. But when I’m in a lazy funk and really need to get to work, breaking things into threes helps me. So I take a post it (smaller paper makes me feel like I have less to do) and write out three tasks I need to finish before I can laze around again.

When I Look Tired

Even when I only get a few hours of sleep, I don’t want to look like I only got a few hours of sleep! I usually reach for a paper eye mask (these work great, especially on flights) and then a few dabs of concealer under the eye before I head out. Less zombie and I feel a bit pampered!

When I’m Cranky

I order a Snickerdoodle latte from Saxbys and if there’s time, take a walk through the park or my neighborhood while I drink it. People watching and a drink that tastes like my favorite cookie? Instant mood boost. And if it’s a really bad day, I’ll get a cookie, too.

When I can’t think straight

No surprise here, I make a list. First, a brain dump of all the things in my head. Then I go in and clean things up and sort through it all. Getting everything out of my head helps me focus. Also, coffee. Coffee always helps.

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  1. This is such a good post! I too call my dad or we send each other gifs, which always picks me up. When I’m feeling super lazy, I tell myself to just clean one dish or put two clean shirts away. I trick my brain into thinking that I’m not actually doing anything, but by the time the one dish is done I have enough energy to complete the entire task. Cleaning always gets me out of any funk.

    • I love that you send each other gifs!! Instant mood boost!!

  2. I love this post! This is something I really had to read right now too. I always love having my “quick fixes” on hand but it’s always good to get another perspective. It’s amazing how much just writing down thoughts/feelings can help with so many things. Thanks for sharing!

    xx Chelsea

    • Yes!! I’m such a believer of writing everything down!