Reflections from a Snowy Day

snowy-day-reflectionsI wasn’t initially going to post today, but yesterday’s snow storm {and today’s snow day} has me a little inspired.

There’s not much to do when the windchill makes you feel frozen solid the second you step outside, and you can’t tell where the sidewalk ends and where the road begins. The first days of classes have turned into two consecutive days of cancellations {which I am not complaining about}. But snow days do give you a lot of time to break, sit and reflect; everything slows down when it snows.

These are some of my reflections…

+ Snowy days make you want to cuddle up with warm foods and hot winter drinks. This oatmeal recipe, perfect snowed-in breakfast…or snack! Perfect with a hot cup of chai tea.

+ When snow makes the day stop, I’m so much more open to sitting down and being extra productive. When the world isn’t buzzing all around you, it gives your mind freedom to focus.

+ All I want to wear are yoga paints, leggings, and huge over-sized cozy sweaters. Like this one and this one.

+ There is no better place than a warm and cozy bed with fluffy pillows and blankets on days like today. Took me lots of extra convincing to leave bed this morning.

+ Netflix isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

+ You realize just how messy your room is getting when it snows {because you spend so much time in bed}. Note, I’ve been back now for over a week, still haven’t fully unpacked. I hate unpacking.

+ You can take a second to give a little attention to all the things you’ve been putting off.

What’s the weather like where you are? Are you snowed in, too?


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  1. I do like a few snow days here and there. It’s actually sunny here but I’ve been a bit under the weather so I’m stuck inside…

    • Soak up all of the sun you can! I love a good snow day, but it’s been nothing but icy sidewalks and cold breezes for too long here!

  2. So snowed in and frigid! I’ve taken it as an opportunity to read some of those books on my “to-read” pile and drink lots of tea. 🙂

  3. Snow days make me want to snuggle up with my pup and NOT get out of bed. Ever. And yes, Netflix is definitely a requirement.

  4. I know there are lots of difficult things about snow days, but this actually sounds really lovely and makes me miss the snow a bit! I am so glad you are making the most of your snow days!

    • Snow days do give us a chance to slow things down and focus on the things we overlook while we run around during the week!

  5. Call me crazy, but it’s 75 here in Phoenix and I WISH it was snowing! Cuddling up with a mug of hot cocoa and watching movies sounds like a dream right about now. It’s so calming when snowdays happen because it feels like the world stop for a day and you have time to breathe! Enjoy!

    • 75?!?! So much weather envy right now haha I just want to go outside without 40 layers on!

  6. I’ve been working from home the past two days since the weather has been a hot mess. I am not the type to enjoy the snowy or extreme cold weather. With that being said, I do enjoy this post mainly because I feel like snow/cold days gives me a chance to just get loose ends tied up around here. I also started watching a Korean Drama on Netflix called The Great Doctor and at first it was “Oh just one more episode” but that quickly turned into watching three more episodes before finally calling it quits.

    I definitely hate unpacking too and it takes so much effort to just say “yes I’ll get this started”. Sometimes I wish I had a wand like Hermione Granger and can just leviosa my clothes into the closet.

  7. I am stuck in the snow too. 11 inches here in my part of Jersey it was a blast shoveling since I couldn’t go running but turns out I burned the same amount running as I did shoveling all the snow. Plus it tired out the puppy too because he was running all over the place all morning so now resting with reading blogs and netflix

  8. We were snowed in yesterday. The roads were terrible but somehow we made it out for slurpees lol

  9. Oh man, do I miss snow days.
    I love Houston and all, but I miss snow!

      • We’ve actually had 2 snow days in the past week!
        Of course it’s not REAL snow, but it’s been below freezing.
        But it’ll be back to like the 70s later this week. So weird!

  10. Can we all just give a big “AMEN” to you for this post? I am right there with you on lounging it out and being productive. I love a good snowstorm (I guess my move to Minneapolis was fate) and getting snowed in is even better as an adult because it forces you to get crap done.

  11. I love the pictures you add to your posts. I am from Trinidad so it doesn’t snow here. 🙂 It does rain…a lot sometimes and everything you described above can be transferred to rainy days. My favourite thing is staying in bed all day long and reading/catching up on TV.

    • I have a friend here who is originally from Trinidad, and the snow was definitely a shock to her!

  12. I like how everyone’s perception of a “snow day” is different. Here, in Louisiana it feels like our world just shuts down when it gets cold and we cannot deal! I planned to return to my hometown for the weekend, but all the bridges, fairies, interstates, and roads were blocked! Nothing getting in or out. I felt pretty lonely and secluded. Like I’d been shunned or something. OK, I may be being dramatic, but campus is a ghost town! My campus is known to be a commuter campus. Most of the students are locals who go home on weekends even if they live 5min. away. *sigh. I felt stuck! (and somewhat abandoned). The fact that it DID snow in my hometown and not hear on campus just made me sad a little a wilted piece of lettuce. Lol I’m done.

    • Aww, well I hope your days are a little less lonely now, and that campus is a little more populated. Perception is everything!