Sell Online: How To Sell Your Digital Goods

Sell Online / How To Sell Your Digital GoodsThe e-course market is full of courses, some good and others lacking, that promise to help its students reach the “next level” of their endeavors. Bloggers and creatives purchase, with trusting hearts (an occasionally often severely devastated debit cards) hoping that this course will be the course to help them reach the blogging promised land. But when Noor first announced the launch of her e-courseSell Online, I was super excited because I knew that if anyone could create that e-course, it would be this woman!

Noor is an incredible designer with an eye for minimalism and the often overlooked details. Personally, I learn best from those who have already experienced the ups and downs of what I am seeking to do, and Noor is that instructor. When she shared that she created a course that teaches creatives how to successfully sell their digital creations online, I knew that the content would be coming from a place of pure lived experience —and really, what tops that?

What Sell Online Is –

Simply put, it’s a fully loaded, easy to follow e-course that teaches you how to successfully cultivate, prepare and sell your digital goods online. Sell Online isn’t another generic course that tells you the same lessons you’ve seen a million times before. Noor has included everything, and explained in detail how to go about everything from conceptualizing your product to deciding on a platform to sell on. I also love how she included things other courses tend to overlook: the human element. Considering things like work life balance, setting official business hours and protecting yourself from and dealing with bloggers and businesses who may take advantage of you/your services.

What else the course has to offer:

+ A well designed, easy-to-navigate site. You can easily go from lesson to lesson, flow at your own pace and check your progress as you go with the progress bar at the bottom of each page.

A personal touch. The first lesson in the course is all about Noor’s business story and how she began earning an income through blogging and selling online. If you’ve taken other courses and felt like the instructor was hiding his or herself from you, fret not –because Noor let’s you in, and provides a real life perspective.

+ Extremely detailed, well explained and comprehendible lessons. Step by step instructions and screen shots are there to help you through every step of the course. And because you can move at your own pace (the course content is available to you forever) you can take notes, try some things, and then come back when you’re ready.

+ Affordable. Some e-courses that cover similar content can be upwards of $50 and have many restrictions on how and when content can be accessed. Sell Online course content is available to students forever and the course costs only $15.00.

Who would I recommend it for?

Whether you have already launched an online market or are still considering doing so, I recommend this course. For those already selling digital goods, this course will help you identify what you’re doing right, what you can do better, and help you evaluate your online business. Did you skip any of the foundational steps? Are you marketing your product well? Are you networking effectively?

If you’re considering starting a shop, this course will give you a real look into being a shop owner, and help you take the plunge if you decide to move forward.

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Overall, $15 is a small investment to pay that could make a huge difference in the success in your online business. Sell Online definitely exceeded my expectations on what an e-course on earning income online would provide, and I hope it exceeds yours, as well.

Full Disclosure: I was not compensated for writing this review, however I did receive free access to the course. All opinions here are my honest and heartfelt thoughts on the product. Huge thanks to Noor for allowing me to take part and share this with Ember & March readers!

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  1. I am really happy that you decided to share what you felt about the course and that it ended up being positive for you. I was really nervous after launching it since I wanted it to actually be something people could use to help them out. Thank you for making me feel better about that.
    I thought $15 was a fair price since you can buy a book that you keep forever for not much more. Any price over that seems unfair to me! Thank you again doll and I hope your business is very succesful.

    • Thank YOU so much for creating such a helpful course. I was so happy to share and hope that others benefit from it as much as I did!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this!! Im actually working on a few digital items to sell now so i will def be checking out this course!!

    • SO glad to hear that!! Excited to see what you’re working on!

  3. I’m gonna have to check this out. I’ve been curious to know how to price certain items.

    • Glad to hear it! I thought the course was really awesome and incredibly helpful!

    • I hope you do! The course was great and really helped me focus!