Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 61

And just like that, it’s August! Can you believe it? Summer is really flying by, and it’s so unreal to think that I’m not gearing up to go back to school in a few weeks.

Most, if not all, of my friends spent this week and weekend packing, either moving back home or into new apartments. Some are staying local, some are giving new cities a try. It’s a really scary, sad and exciting time all at once.

Four things

1. I got to do an Instagram takeover with Half United these weekend. Did you catch it? You can check out their account @HalfUnited on Instagram.

2. Moving. It’s definitely not going according to plan, but it’s going.

3. Has anyone else been craving sushi this summer? It’s becoming a weekly want for me, I’m sure that’s healthy.

4. I found of that one of my favorite Netflix series, Marco Polo, will be back for season two! If you’re into history retold with lot’s of action, binge season one in the interim.

Links I loved…

+ Because we’ve all considered it: what happens when a man eats Chipotle every day for a year. #guac

+ A quick life hack for transporting your laundry.

+ How to keep a clean home.

+ Absolutely giving this delicious chicken pita recipe a try.

+ A simple strawberry jam recipe, just in time for summer berries.

+ Four tips for managing your finances as a freelancer.

Bookmark it: 5 Steps to facing your financial fears.

Summer eats: DIY Ben & Jerry’s Core ice cream!

+ This incredible startup uses almost expired fruit to help feed those in need!

+ 7 Women run startups to watch.

Happy Sunday, and happy August!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your Sunday Morning Coffee! I always love the things you include, and the link on 7 women run startups is very interesting! Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Hey Lindsay! I always love sharing your links! You’re killing it with amazing content. I loved that 7 women run startup article so much! I hope it’s a sign of more diversity to come 🙂