Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 62

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m still in shock that July came and went as quickly as it did.

This past week was filled with highs and lows, but the highs definitely outshine the lows by a long shot. I spent some time getting work done for the blog and for life in general. The next two weeks are going to be a little crazy, so I’m trying to prepare myself as much as possible.

Four things

1. As ready as I am for change and new things, I secret don’t want to finish packing this apartment and move out. My senior year of college in this apartment was amazing on so many different levels –from growing this blog to figuring out more about who I really am.

2. One of my very good friends officially moved back to the city this week and I couldn’t be happier to have her close by again.

3. I’ve decided that I definitely want to get a pet post-move. I’m leaning towards a guinea pig (I had two when I was younger and I LOVED THEM), and will name him Jacque.

4. I’ve been eating popcorn nonstop lately. SkinnyPop is my weakness.

Links I loved…

+ LOL: 19 times Whole Foods went too far. My latest trip to whole foods did nothing but confirm my undying love for Trader Joe’s.

+ The real reason your office is so unbearably cold.

+ Some easy organization hacks to keep your desk in top shape.

+ A simple and fun DIY copper iPhone case.

+ Some career advice from Jenna Lyons, Creative Director at J.Crew.

+ How to write a business plan.

+ 12 tips for living a longer life. I’m all about #1, obviously.

Bookmark it: Some really incredible and honest advice for people in their twenties (and honestly, people who aren’t in their twenties).

+ Ever wonder how much time you really spent binge watching TV shows? Now, you can plan ahead.

VIDEO: How to build a preferred brand.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, make it count guys!

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  1. I have 6 guinea pigs currently and I love them all to pieces. They are amazing pets. I would say though that they prefer living in pairs or more rather than alone, unless you’ll have tonnes of time for your piggy. Good luck with the move xx

    Ioanna |

    • Oh, thanks for the tip!!