Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 29

Sunday Morning Coffee / Sharing Blog LoveHappy Sunday, friends!

I hope you all had as inspiring and relaxing of a weekend as I did, especially since my week seemed to speed by, and I didn’t feel like accomplished much when Friday rolled around.

I spent a lot of time this week working on a special offering that will be going out in the next newsletter, and writing and developing the e-course I’ll be launching next month. Working on the e-course has definitely been a labor of love. The more I add to it, the more I realize that I need to step away from the unrealistic ideal of perfection –it simply doesn’t exist. I know that just by working my hardest and creating something that I believe in, the product will be more than high quality.

Hard work is perfection, right?

This summer has definitely led me to a lot of passion projects. I get so excited when a new idea starts to take form and become something. A little too excited. Usually from a mix of nervous anxiety and pure, sheer joy. Sometimes, I reach the point where I can’t even sleep at night because I just want to jump up and work more. I’ve been trying to combat the overexcitement by forcing myself to stick to set work hours and get sleep! I’ve even been using this awesome rain/white noise app which knocks me out in minutes regardless of what’s going on in my head. Add a cup of steaming hot green tea –pure bliss.

Curl up + click on these

+ At the heart of it all, I blog because I am a storyteller. So Erin’s post resonated with my heart, a lot.

+ Your time and life are valuable things, so be sure to protect them.

+ I’m always inspired by beautiful works of art.

+ Ready to dive into design, and maybe customize elements of your own blog? Noor walks you through creating a blog header.

+ GIF making, made easy with this amazing new unveiling from The Wonder Forest.

+ My favorite aspect of blogging and creating is the amazing community I’ve joined as a result. Meet and mingle with bloggers & creative minded folk during these awesome Twitter chats.

+ Are you making these 3 SEO mistakes? Don’t worry, there’s a fix!

+ Grow and improve your Instagram with these 7 tips.

What have you been up to this weekend? Happy reading 🙂

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  1. Thanks for tweeting to let me know you’d shared my post over at Studio-404! I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    I hope it helps you on your blogging path. If you have any SEO questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I answer blogging questions every week in the Build Your Blog vlog. I’ve also got an awesome free newsletter course going on right not that started yesterday.

    I’m releasing my own SEO e-course soon! It totally is a labor of love, even if it’s a large part of your online success strategy. I told myself to stop stressing over perfect because it was killing me. I’ve been delaying publishing for a few months because I keep going back and back to fix things!

  2. Thanks for sharing my Insta post Amber! These other links look STELLAR! I’ve got my reading to do it seems 🙂