Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 65

smc_replaceThis week was filled with good coffee, lots of scheduling and celebrating one month at my first full-time job! Plus, for just a few mornings, we got a peek at Fall weather and it was nothing less than magical.

For those who might be new to the blog, Sunday Morning Coffee is a weekly feature on Ember & March where I share 4 little bit’s from the week and some links and reads I’ve been loving.

So grab your coffee, get cozy and enjoy.

Four Things…

  1. Nothing makes me happier than walking into stores and seeing Fall decor as the season approaches. But please, enough with the pumpkin spice takeover! (P.S – I think PSLs are GROSS, but that’s just me).
  2. Mentioned previously, I celebrate my first month at my full-time job. I’m so happy to be where I am, working with such an incredibly talented team and to be doing what I love.
  3. I’ve been working hard this week to relaunch the Move Letter! It will be hitting inboxes this week, so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!
  4. So…can you believe…. I’m already thinking about grad school?! I KNOW.

Links I loved…

+ I’ve interned in PR/Marketing for four years and now work in digital marketing, so I know it can be tough. Meghan shared her insights on how to get and keep a job in PR/Marketing/Advertising 

+ I loved how honest this writer was about not feeling completely prosperous in her craft. I think we’ve all been there.

+ Getting the most out of your Instagram images.

+ If you know me, then you likely know my love for Lauren Conrad knows no bounds. Here are six social media lessons we can learn from LC (because she is perfect).

+ 101 email subject lines that get results.

+ Speaking of my disdain for all things Pumpkin Spice Latte, here are 5 ways to add fall flair your coffee, sans pumpkin.

+ 105 types of content to add to your editorial calendar.

+ 6 Millennial women who are totally shaking things up in the kitchen! It’s amazing to me how to food world is shifting, and women are totally owning it!

+ 4 tips to be more grateful, even when you’re constantly being disappointed.

+ As if your coffee fix wasn’t enough, you can now drink your coffee..out of a coffee mug…comprised completely of coffee…woah!

Happy Sunday!

*image credit: plum pretty

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  1. You are so sweet to include my post! Glad you enjoyed and congrats on your first full time gig!! So exciting!

  2. Seeing the fall decorations everywhere makes my heart so happy!