Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 31

Sunday Morning Coffee / Sharing Blog LoveI’m scheduling this Sunday Morning Coffee earlier than I usually do (it’s Friday morning) because I’m spending the weekend settling into my new room and spending time with my younger sister.

After a week of putting together furniture, running back and forth to stores picking up little things you never know you even need until moving, I’m finally starting to settle in this new place. With the new semester kicking off in just a few days, I’m really happy to have my sister here to help settle me in and center to focus for the upcoming week.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you know that I sent out a really special offer in this week’s newsletter that made me incredibly nervous. If you didn’t get the email, I’ll recap it: to help end the summer with a bang, I created a special, limited time offer blog consultation called Blog Boost, which was only available to email subscribers. I’m thrilled that I’ll be working with two bloggers on bettering their content and accomplishing goals to take their blogs to new levels. I hope that this offering is just the first of many to come, especially as I continue to write and prep to publish the e-course I’m working on!

What exciting projects are you working on?

On to my favorite links from the week…

+ Know someone starting a blog, or starting one yourself? Here are some of the basics you should know.

+ What things are your must-haves for getting work done?

+ An awesome reminder for anyone chasing perfection.

+ Are you self-sabotaging by procrastinating? It’s time to let your light shine.

+ I was so inspired by the vibrant and light filled world of Jessica Swift.

+ Easy weekend food prep routine to help you make healthy choices during the week.

+ This simple DIY will add a pop of luxe to your desk.

+ Dealing with rejection can be tough when you put yourself out there online. How to deal when people unsubscribe/unfollow you.

+ If you’re a creative (and since you’re here, it’s very likely that you are) you should know that The Creatives Club recently announced plans to host a conference! Read up on the plans support if you can.

and in case you missed it…

+ I talked about trusting your gut and pushing yourself to try new things.

+ The Route 101 mini series officially kicked off, starting with where to begin when wanting to form new routines.

+ I introduced a new column on the blog where I interview creatives and business owners to introduce you to the people behind the brands, blogs and products we love. First up was Kory!

How was your week? Now that I’m done with the hassle of moving, things will be back to normal with posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the newsletter going out next Monday, September 1!

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  1. 🙂 Great links again! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m working on a few exciting projects at the moment. Trying to plan illustrations for Christmas! I like to make sure I’m well ahead of time.

  2. Perfectionism Is The Enemy To Everything article is amazing and helpful as I am kind of a perfectionist myself. Thanks for sharing!

    Katrina Sophia

  3. I am loving these links and still reading them right now. Thanks for all the new great blogs to read. Hope your week is going great 🙂