Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 104

 Happy Sunday, friends! I spent the better part of this weekend in bed editing photos, working on content and making a dent in the pile of books I want to finish this month. 90% was done from bed. In short: it’s been a great weekend.

This week left me feeling really good. I struck a good balance of productivity and recharge time, which has been rare lately.

I’m looking forward to spending the day getting some things done before heading over to a Game of Thrones watch party. Trying to mentally brace myself for the wildness (and so. much. violence) that will ensue this evening. Are you watching? How are you spending your Sunday?

Links I Loved…

+ Have you heard of Brandless? I think they’re awesome! They took the Trader Joes model online and sell everything you need for $3. Yupp, $3.

+ Another study proving my coffee drinking habits are more than healthy *sips large iced coffee, adds extra shot*

+ And while you’re brewing that espresso, how about dessert?!

+ If you’re already looking for your next planner, start with this roundup.

+ Do you always need to feel like an expert?

+ For my fellow studio apartment dwellers, make your small space count!

+ This thoughtful piece on privilege made me feel better about people this week.

+ More money doesn’t have to mean more problems.

Happy Sunday, happy weekend 🙂

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