Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 92

And just like that, we’re nearly one month done with 2017. Did you make the most of it?

This week and weekend we’re definitely a bit dark when it came to the news. I tried to brighten up my sprits by getting out of the city and heading to my dad’s to read, relax and catch up on piles and piles of laundry (is this anyone else’s least favorite chore?!).

Where do you escape to when you need a to find a bright spot after a long, grim week?

Links I Loved…

+ I really loved these tips on how to ask for what you want and plan on really putting them into practice in the next few months as I work to bring two projects to life.

+ Who would have thought I’d be so inspired by a gloomy day photo shoot?

+ 3 easy steps to declutter your bedroom simply.

+ You’ll crush your next interviews with these great interview tips!

+ Sharing this post from Grace for many reasons: its message, because of the incredible transparency Grace shows her readers, and because it perfectly sums up so many of my own thoughts currently. Thanks, Grace.

+ In case you needed more titles for your reading list, but don’t want another novel: 10 short stories to read this year.

+ This post on approaching brands you want to collaborate with is spot on!

+ The 5 C’s of creating great Instagram content.

+ This transcript of an interview with President Obama on what books mean to him is literally everything.

+ Read at your own pace, that’s fine.

In case you missed it…

+ I made a reading list for Black History Month that I’d love you to join me in turning through!

+ I hope that these 6 habits will add a bright boost to your mornings.

Happy Sunday, friends!

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  1. Loved the 5 C’s of creating great Instagram content! My friends and I recently created a new Instagram account together to collaborate on. // Really loved that article about reading at your own pace. For the last two years, I’ve read about 28 books per year. There are some people who read hundreds of books per year and I have no idea how they do it! I wish I could read that many books per year because my TBR is ever-expanding. But the article has helped and is keeping me motivated! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s