Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 98

Sunday Morning Coffee // No 98

This month was one of the busiest, most hectic month’s I’ve had in a while. I was in the final design stages of the rebrand, traveled for work and did a ton of side projects. I feel like I’m finally letting out a breath I’ve been holding in since April 1. I’m ready for things to calm down a bit.

This week, I’ll be focused on the new site, prepping to teach a live workshop in a few weeks (more on that for my Philly readers soon!) and trying to survive my insane allergies.

Are you ready for a new month?

Links I Loved…

+ Traveling soon? Here are some really fun and creative ways to document all of the places you explore.

+ I’m fascinated by all of the (albeit questionable) ways creators and bloggers are trying to overcome the Instagram algorithm, and this feature on Instagram pods was interesting. Read this one, too.

+ When’s the last time you stopped and read a children’s book?

+ Breanna shared 3 keys for a successful project and I was nodding my head all the way through.

+ How important is your alone time? I struggle without it.

+ Warm weather means get togethers over good guacamole (now, say that 5 times fast).

+ Another really good post on what in the world is happening on Instagram.

+ Are we raising our girls to be perfect instead of brave?

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