Goals, September 2014

Well, long time no talk! Last week, with the start of a new semester and the process of (continuing to) settling into my new home, I decided it would be smart to take posting and returning comments off of my to-do list. It definitely helped, and I’m slowly transferring my regular routines to fit this new space and season.

Can you believe there are only a few months left in 2014? I honestly feel like this year just started (do I say that every month?). I’m thrilled to be setting these goals for September, only because it means that Fall is near! I can’t wait to trade my shorts in for jeans and my sandals in for moccasins and boots.

Now, onto the goals…

August Recap

– Back to slower blogging. Check! Did you even notice the new MWF posting schedule (with the exception of today, due to the holiday weekend)? I’ve also been great about sending out bi-weekly newsletters.

– More early mornings. A definite check, though of course once classes and homework were back in the picture, all I want to do is nap and sleep in.

– Morning & evening yoga. Only a semi-check here. Moving and unpacking definitely put a halt to my daily yoga practice, but I’m excited to get back on track. First step: buy a new yoga mat!

September Goals

01 / Monitor my finances closely. I recently made an account on Minted, and just seeing the overview of where I spent the most was a real eye opener. With graduation only months away, I really want to become a more conscious spender.

02 / Finish writing and launch my e-course. The hardest part about creating an ecourse: sitting down to write thoughtful and organized lessons. I’m hoping to really kick things into high gear and launch by the end of the month!

03 / Explore avenues to earn passive income. Unfamiliar with the term passive income? It simply means income earned from projects/content you create that you don’t have to work on or update daily. For example: ebooks, ecourses, ect. I have a lot of really creative (and hopefully useful) ideas that could really benefit bloggers and creatives. I really want to determine 2-3 things I can produce and launch to be a reliable steam of income for myself.

That’s it! Three goals that I’ll be working actively towards for the next 30 days. Have you set any goals for the month? Share them in the comments!

Goal Setting: Do You Have A Vision?

We all have a vision for our lives, or so I’d like to think. Maybe it isn’t an exact blue print with all of the kinks worked out, perhaps it’s just an idea of what we’d like to see happen.

About three weeks ago, I was thinking about life after graduation, real world living, and wrote out what my ideal day would look like. I noted that it would either be a Monday or a Sunday. Here’s what I described:

+ 6am. Wake up, check emails, twitter and instagram. Climb out of bed, dress and get in a 45 minute morning workout.

+ 7:15am Shower, get ready for the day and eat a good breakfast (likely something with fresh fruit)

8:30am Head to work, either walk (if it’s nearby) or hop on the subway. Knowing me, I’ll be getting there at least 15 minutes early.

+ Noon Lunch time!

5pm Head home, check (blog related) emails during my commute.

6:30pm Get dinner ready –something delicious that makes the apartment smell yummy.

+ 7:30pm Schedule posts, read a few posts from my faves and unwind a bit. Work on any lingering freelance work.

9:45pm Night time stretching/yoga.

11pm Settle into bed, try to turn my brain off and get good sleep.

Just a small snippet, but I thought it was an interesting journal scribble. Doesn’t it seem highly specific and thought out? Yep, that’s exactly how my brain works. I need to see the small details and plan even the simplest things, like cooking a meal that would make my apartment smell yummy.

As beneficial as I think setting small, workable short-term goals are, I always take a minute to revisit the long term. We often get so caught up in our day-to-day routines and responsibilities that we forget about those big moves we had in mind. The books we wanted to write, e-courses we wanted to launch,vacations we meant to plan. They slip through our hands like sand, and then we are left standing still, holding onto nothing.

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Goals, August 2014

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I cannot believe how fast these summer months are flying! I remember feeling this way at the end of last July as well. I guess time really flies when you’re rebranding a blog and soaking up sweet free time.

August is a huge month for me. The start of my final year of college, the year in which I happen to be taking on the most responsibility since I started. This time next year, I’ll be an actual, real world adult with a bachelor’s degree. What?! So soon!?

I won’t sugar coat anything, July was a rough month for me. I went through –and I’m still going through, a really strange and difficult transition and dealing with a lot of personal challenges. My greatest high this month was launching E&M. I have loved every moment of presenting this blog into the online world, and am so grateful for the amazing support and praise everyone has given the blog. I’m so excited for the future of this blog & brand.

Last month, my goals were aimed at looking forward. Let’s recap…

July Recap

– Look into freelance writing opportunities. DONE! I’ve already begun to reach out to different communities where I can contribute my writing, and I can’t wait to share.

– Be intentional about health + wellness. This one wavered. I definitely made better choices whenever I could, but certain times this month called for more chips and less kale.

– Create a sustainable budget. I’ve been reading so many awesome articles on ways to cut back on expenses and monitor my spending. I’m calling this one a job well done. I’ll definitely be sharing my tips as I move on in my budgeting journey.

– Start thinking about business cards. DONE! I’ve even made a Pinterest board filled with inspiration and I think I’ll be ready to start designing and send my own off to print soon enough!Continue Reading

Goals, May 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, and are kicking off Monday morning on a high note.

We’re five days into the new month, so I wanted to share my goals/outlooks for the next few weeks. Last month, I focused my goals on taking time to stop creating as much and spend more time developing the ideas and projects I’ve had in the works.

I’ve made a lot of progress since setting my April goals. I recently announced one of those ideas I had in the works, Quill & Ink, and got such positive responses. I think that goes to show that taking some time to work on developing was a good call. I can’t wait to slowly reveal all of the other things that have been in the works!

This month, I’ll be still focusing on developing for the blog and launching projects, but my goals for the month have shifted a little. More internal, self work needs to be done. I’ve been working on trying to find the balance between work and life (or sometimes, life and blog). I always want to keep making, doing, writing, but I’m learning that the time I spend making progress is just as valuable as the time I spend curled up in bed watching Netflix.

May: A Focus on Self-Growth

Areas of focus:

  • Finding my perfect work/life balance
  • Spending more time with my friends and family
  • Stepping outside of my comfort zone, changing routines, building my confidence.

Where’s is your focus this month? Have you set any goals? I’d love to hear them!

Goals, March 2014

I’m still in shock that the third month of the year is already here. 2014 is definitely going to fly. 

I’ve been spending the first days of the month really focusing on getting in touch with self. Not just reconnecting by myself, but also listening to the observations of my close friends and family. It’s funny, even when trying to search within ourselves to see if anything needs changing, repair or removal, we still have a tendency to make excuses for ourselves and justify things that we need to let go. Hearing from others really forces us to say aloud the things that need to change in our lives.

All of this self exploration has definitely fueled my goals for this month. Similarly to February, I’m focusing on simple, minimalistic goal setting that will lead to positive impact. I definitely did well in last month’s goal of avoiding over whelm, and sticking to an organized schedule kept me more balanced than I’ve been in a while.

Special thanks to Google Calendar and my list making skills for a month of accomplishment, and for even great accomplishments ahead this month.

March: A Focus on Intentional Actions

01/ Bring the behind-the-scenes stuff to center stage. I’m excited to share two new features that have been in the works for a  while now – one celebrating some of my favorite creatives, and another featuring creative writing. Not to mention, soon the first rounds of creative features from this month’s sponsors will start to go live. I am so excited to see how you all respond to this new take on sponsorship.

Granted, some things won’t officially go live immediately, but the thought of finally getting to share my little ideas with everyone is a thrill in itself.

02/ Simplify my eating. A few years ago, I attempted a pescetarian diet change – and failed miserably. Beyond miserably. Lately, I’ve been thinking about attempting the transition again. Not because I hate meat, I love meat – I love food. But I also love my body, and I can tell that my body isn’t in love with all of the things I’ve been fueling with. So before committing to any major diet changes, I want to start by simplifying. Seeing what options are out there, how they fit with my lifestyle, which adjustments are comfortable to make and which would take more adapting to.

Two simple goals for my favorite month – my birthday month! I’ll be 21 in less than two weeks – and continuing 21 Days of Self up until then.

Are you setting any big, or small, goals this month?