July Goals

Goals, July 2014

Wow, summer is flying. I feel like June came and went super fast. Anyone relate?

Despite time going at lightening speed, I’ve been loving every bit of this summer. It’s my first since I entered college {which, holy cow, was three almost FOUR years ago} that I haven’t had a full time internship + a few part time jobs. Usually, around this time I’m commuting like crazy from the suburbs into the city, from job to job. This summer has been much slower, but still fast enough to keep me curious.

Last month, I set three goals centered around structuring myself and being more intentional with my actions. Let’s recap June a bit…

June Recap

– Practice everyday intention. I’m calling this a job well done. I made small changes in the way to do everyday tasks which drastically changed how I felt while doing them and how long they took to complete.

– Focus. Again, job well done here. Buckling down and getting all of the checklist items I needed to cross of prior to E&M’s launch was, at times, exhaustive. And there were times I just didn’t feel like opening my laptop. But I focused when it mattered and had a pretty productive month.

– Save. This one could have been better. But, I’ve realized that I just need to be a bit more realistic and intentional in the way that I spend. I’ve been reading lots of posts on budgeting and being frugal while enjoying yourself, and I’m finally comprising a plan that fits me best. I’m optimistic about it.Continue Reading