June Goals

Goals, June 2014

Hi, friends! Can you believe that we are already halfway through 2014? I feel like the year just started! But, I am glad that summer is here.

Last month, I set three simple goals to focus on during the month: step outside of my comfort zones, spend more time with friends, and find some work/life balance. I’m pleased to say that I achieved 3/3, yipee!

This month, I’m not focusing on many things, but the goals that I have set are definitely large impact creators.

June: A Focus on Routine & Intention

  • Practice everyday intention. For the past few weeks, keeping up with a consistent routine and encouraging positive habits has been a bit difficult. Part of me thinks it has to do with being in a temporary apartment -nothing seems permanent enough to sustain productivity. This month, I want to do all things with intention, remembering why I’m doing things in the first place.
  • Focus. Summertime is one of those brief seasons where things slow down a bit for me. I want to take advantage of the season to really focus on things that slip past me. Especially, finding the time to pick up a few books and let my imagination wander.
  • Save. While I’m slowed down and focusing, I really want to start saving up little bits at a time. Time is moving so quickly, and soon it will be time to invest in some of my larger dreams.

That’s it for me, what are your goals for the month? Did you set any goals last month that you are still working to achieve?