Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 23

Hi Friends, and happy end-of-the weekend! Can you believe that we are already half way through 2014? This year is flying!

I bet you’re wondering what all the extra title on the Sunday Morning Coffee post is all about. Since it’s summertime, and I have much more time to create and explore than I do during the school year, I wanted to jump on opportunity and explore a bit more of my city. So, throughout the summer, I’ll be visiting a coffee shop in the city -sipping bold blends, tasting treats and enjoying a new environment.

Today, I’m blogging (and sipping one incredible latte) from Menagerie Coffee on South 3rd street in Old City, Philadelphia. I also had a delicious turkey sandwich with pesto, artichoke, and chevre -perfect lunch to accompany the latte! I love the atmosphere here -great music and stunning minimal aesthetic. I’ll definitely be back, and bring friends along!

At the start of the summer, I moved into a new apartment. I love the place, but I’ve noticed that I’m a little less than focused and productive when I’m home. Stepping outside and into a new coffee shop will definitely help with keeping me on track and eliminate some distraction.

Now, let’s jump into some links from the week!

+ Part 3 of Esme’s essay on living with mental illness and the decision to not have children. I was incredibly touched by this series of essays.

+ Do you preface difficult or controversial posts with disclaimers? Read Betsy’s post on disclaimers and blogging confidence.

+ 10 Reasons to wake up earlier, and tips on how to do so!

+ Things don’t always go according to plan, but you can still carry on in a positive way. Great thoughts from Kenzie.

+ Stunning limited edition pieces from Corinna! I’m obsessed with the marbleized concrete necklace.

+ A bold and lively mood board from Breanna Rose.

+ 17 Things happy people say, everyday. Such simple ways to make a world of difference!

How did you spend your weekend?

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 22

Hello, hello! I hope you all are off enjoying the long weekend! I’m excited for another day of sleeping in and being a little lazy.

Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback on the new design! I’m still tweaking things, so if you find any errors or glitches please let me know! I’m excited about this fresh start for a fresh season, and can’t wait until it is 100% complete. I’m also really excited for the new Be Curious feature I’ll be starting! Be sure to send in all of your questions and curiosities relating to creating building community as a blogger/creative.

Okay, let’s dive into my favorite links from the week! There were so many awesome posts from so many sweet bloggers this week…

+ Jade’s post on home office inspiration has had me online window shopping and pinning excessively since I read it. What’s your dream office set up?

+ FREEBIE ALERT! A previous sponsor and simply awesome brand Fusepointe is running another giveaway! I wholeheartedly believe in the way Harry runs FP. Enter win 3 months of FREE hosting, and help with WordPress setup!

+ So much summertime color inspiration filled with citrus and sorbet.

+ If you’re looking to grow your coding knowledge, Allyssa wrote up a tutorial on styling links as buttons.

+ For all of my creative tea lovers, read 5 hot teas for creatives.

+ Powerful mantra: touch it once. I’ll definitely be putting this into practice.

+ So much touching honesty and transparency in Esme’s post on living with mental illness & her choice to not have children. Read Part 1 and Part 2, Part 3 will be live on her blog on Tuesday.

(image credit: bernd westphal)

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 21

Happy Sunday, friends. I hope you had a rest-filled and relaxing weekend. Ready for the week ahead? I am!

I love when things are slow enough to allow me to write these posts on Sunday morning (rather than scheduling them Saturday evening). It’s the perfect cloudy morning, where I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but in bed with my laptop, sharing with all of you. I could stand for a bit of sunshine, but overall this is a perfect morning.

Grab a cup, or a bowl, of your favorite brunch or breakfast food, and dig into these links….

+ As someone who has spent days working on redesigns only to nix the project days later, I could totally relate to Jen’s rebranding adventure.

+ Living a life without meaning will make you sick.

+ I love when bloggers get bold and honest with their readers. Check out Nadine’s Q&A on blogging.

+ Before you grab the camera: 6 ways to take a better photo

+ Some amazing advice – words of a great author posted by an awesome blogger.

+ Does your blog have a newsletter? 5 to-dos for your email list.

I hope you enjoy the links as much as I did. Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 20

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you eased into the weekend, and got to wind down from the week.

Last week was rough, and left me feeling pretty burnt out by the time Friday came. I hope those words for the weekend were as helpful to everyone else as they were to me. Luckily, this weekend left me some time to pray and reflect and get back on track. Whatever this week has to bring, I’m ready to face head on.

For the past month or so, I’ve been making plans for summer. This is my first summer in nearly 3 years that I’m not taking on an internship (or two). I’m using this time to establish some direction, usher more growth in the blog, and explore some fun projects before jumping into my (I can’t believe it’s here already) senior year of college! I’m excited to be taking this time to do things I’m super passionate about. Summer can’t get here soon enough!

Curl Up + Click On These

+ Anastasia’s amazing post on rebranding chivalry reminds us that the source of kindness shouldn’t distract us from kind acts taking place around us.

+  Bethany (who recently did an amazing redesign on her site) makes an excellent point about blogging for your friends, not your critics.

+ BLOGGER/CREATIVE MEET UP ALERT! Kelly from Behind the Design announced When Creatives Meet, taking place this summer in Orlando.

+ I’ve had a few bloggers reach out to me about rebranding/renaming their blogs. Here’s some advice from a blogger on going through the process.

+ Great advice on when it’s time to share your blog with others. I couldn’t agree more!

Ready, set, bring it on Monday! Enjoy the last of the weekend.

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 17

And just like that, the first week of March is over and done with. Deciding to dig deeper into self this month was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Because I honestly haven’t realized how easy it is for self-neglect to mask itself as productivity or ambition. I’ve always been productive, I’ve always been ambitious…I always will be.

Those things are programed into who I am; I don’t know how to function without those two things acting as driving forces within me. But at the same time, I really really need to be more conscious of my personal wellness and how the things that I’m doing are impacting me. Slowing down and doing less aren’t things that I’m necessarily good at, but I can try.

This week, I spent lots of time planning and researching for my ecoursewhich is still in the development phases. I’m so glad that I created that survey asking what you guys really wanted to learn from me, and thank you all again for being so responsive.  I’d already had some foundation work started, but that research opened my eyes and really shifted some of my focus. This course is going to be jammed packed with great stuff, and I hope everyone who participates gets the most from it.

Curl Up + Click On These

+ The photos from Amanda’s trip to visit the long neck Karen tribe are incredible. I loved reading her trip recap and satisfying my wanderlust a bit.

+ Brittany’s 5 tips for working from home couldn’t have come at a better time. I think you can apply these tips to anything home-based: work, studying, blogging.

+ One of my goals for the month is to simplify my eating. This delicious looking salad is officially on the menu.

+ The perfect dessert for a birthday girl to be! Delicious ice cream squares!

It seems that my theme for this week of 21 Days of Self was self indulgence. Lesson learned? I don’t indulge in life’s little pleasures nearly enough. Also, I have one killer sweet tooth…

How was your week/weekend? Spend some time focusing on your, relaxing from the madness, and prepping for the week ahead today!