Organizing With Intention

Why You Don’t Need Another Planner, Calendar or Productivity App.

My favorite time of year used to be back-to-school season – okay, it’s totally still my favorite time of year.

I would walk into the school supply aisle, and my parents would basically have to push a leash on me to stop me from going crazy. I would have one thought in mind: I need everything. And after a little begging, and the occasional crocodile tears, I would usually leave with way more than what I actually needed.

School would start, and the same thing would happen almost every time. I’d start off strong – a notebook and folder for every subject, a planner to write down important dates. But then, I would slowly start to introduce all of those other unnecessary purchases into my daily routines. And to make matters worse, I was known for buying extra supplies mid-year. Before I knew it, I had a binder that held some assignments and a notebook containing others, my notes were a mess and I couldn’t focus on the work because I was too distracted by trying to figure out how to work. It was a recipe for organizational disaster.

I had everything I needed to be organized, but I was so far from being truly organized. That’s because I was focusing on organization, but not organizing with intention.

Thankfully, I’ve found a system of organization that makes life easier, and doesn’t drag me to the point of no return. All it takes is a little simplification, intention and time to really nail down an organizational method that will work for you.

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