Checking Bad Habits

Despite being the shortest month, I really felt that February took forever to come to a close. At the same time, it feels like 2016 just arrived and I cannot believe we’re already seven days into March.
February was a good month overall. There were a lot of exciting changes at work, I started working out regularly again and I finally relaunched and rebranded the blog. Through all of the positives February brought along, I definitely picked up some bed habits along the way.Continue Reading

Into April

I’m honestly in awe at how quickly this year is flying.

After spending a weekend stuck in bed feeling less than great, I’m excited to just be outside and enjoy the amazing weather that’s been happening lately. Springtime in the city is always great and I can’t wait to get out and explore without instantly freezing.

I hope winter is saying it’s final farewell. No more sneak snow flurries, please!

I’ve promised myself to take all those things that have been sitting on the back burner as far as blogging and freelancing this month. But this weekend in bed has more than proven that I also need to pay a little more attention to myself as well.

Because, if we’re being honest, the less attention I pay to myself the less attention I can devote to blogging. So going into April, here are my daily, weekly and monthly goals…

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Approaching Goal Setting With Enthusiasm

Can we be real for a moment? February was a really hard month for me goal wise.

I don’t know if it was the winter blues or just a serious case of burn out but there was absolutely nothing remotely motivating about that month. Hence –I took a step back from blogging for the month because forcing it was doing much more harm than good.

I remembered this post that Meg wrote where she talked about 10 goals she was trying to hit on a daily basis. Daily goals that, if practiced consistently, would become intentionally rooted habits. Typically, I think of goals as being either long term (accomplish-able over a 1+ years) or short term (weekly or monthly). This recent flux in motivation has encouraged me to rethink the way I set, organize (and achieve) my goals.

Instead of making monthly lists of things I hope to get done which lead into my “larger scheme” of things. I’m breaking my goal setting down a bit:Continue Reading