VIDEO: August Favorites

These monthly favorites videos are serious some of my favorite to film. It feels like sitting down with my best friends recommending all the things they should try.

If I had to call out one of these favorites, over and over again, it’s the Crazy Rich Asians movie. Honestly, I’ve seen it 5 times and I’m waiting to be able to stream it somewhere. It’s amazing, and the book series was incredible. Watch it, read it and support this awesome project!

This month’s favorites:
Becca Highlighter: Seriously, I’ve been glowing all Summer thanks to this!

China Rich Girlfriend (Book 2): My favorite of the series
Rich People Problems (Book 3): The perfect ending
Aftercare Instructions: One of my favorite books of the year!

Kiehls eyecream: Seriously so rich and creamy –the best cure for tired eyes (you know, besides sleep)
Billie: My entire shaving experience has been upgraded #ByeNair

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: (linking the book)
Crazy Rich Asians: You will fall madly in love with these characters.

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  1. Wow thanks so much for your sharing dear! This video is very helpful. 🙂