What’s in my Bag – Travel Edition

Packing is probably my least favorite thing to do. I usually put it off to the last minute for that reason. When I fly, I try to keep my luggage to one carry on and (of course) one personal bag (shown above). Today, I’m literally unpacking my little tote to show you want I brought along to my work trip in New Orleans.

Let’s start with the bag. The one shown a recent find from Primark. I typically carry a tote bag and chose this one because it’s small but still holds plenty without being bulky. It fit easy under my seat on the plane and makes for a great everyday bag here in NOLA.

I’m traveling for a conference (which you know if you follow my Snapchat and Instagram/stories) so I needed to bring some key essentials (laptop, planner, notebook) as well as some travel necessities (wallet, books for the flight, skincare).

I always bring my laptop and phone with their chargers in my personal bag. If my flight is longer or I end up spending more time in the airport, I try to get some work done.

I’m really trying to get into the swing of vlogging, so I keep my camera charged and ready to capture any footage early on.

I bring and use my planner throughout the trip (I use this one and absolutely love it). I still like writing things down to make sure they stick and I also keep any printed documents and flight info written in there, just in case I can’t use my phone for any reason.

I always keep a notebook on hand just in case an idea hits me. The one pictured is from May Designs and I use it almost every day for making lists and outlining ideas. I love May Design notebooks because they come in so many sizes, are lightweight and easy to carry around.

When it comes to flying, I’m usually pretty good about it but I like to be distracted throughout, especially if it’s a bumpy flight. That calls for good books.

Being completely honest, I put as much thought into the books I bring on a trip as I do shoes and clothes! There’s truly a science to it. Paperback books are preferred because they’re lighter. Books under 500 pages are a must, because of space constraints but books that are too short will be finished too quickly and won’t do the job.

For this trip, I picked The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock (I adored this book and finished it on the plane) and The Circle by Dave Eggers.

And last but not least, I typically put my makeup bag in my personal bag instead of my suitcase or carry on. I got this tip from Hitha (if you struggle with packing, seriously buy her book) and it’s never failed me. It’s nice knowing you can freshen up on the spot so you don’t have to leave the airport looking like you just traveled.

That’s about it! I’m a notorious over packer so I try to keep things as light as possible.

What are you essentials when traveling, especially when flying?

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  1. How are you liking The Circle? I first heard about it through the film adaptation. I love Emma Watson! I started watching the film because it was on Netflix but didn’t really get into it. It felt pretty one dimensional to me. But original novels are usually better than their film adaptations, so I’m curious to hear what you think about it so far! // I’m actually currently on my way back to Philly. I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my connecting flight. I always make sure to have noise-cancelling earphones, my iPhone charger, my iPhone, reading material (usually my iPad), hand lotion, chapstick, and peppermint essential oil in case I feel nauseous. I also always bring a notebook and a pen, though I never seem to actually use it on flights haha. And I always have my camera when I travel, so I stick that in my carry-on, but I don’t use it at the airport/on the plane. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s