Where I Get My Book Recommendations

The only way I’m able to keep my ear tuned into current events without losing my mind is by balancing the news with a healthy dose of fiction reading.

Instead of starting my day with social media or the news, I try to start my day by reading a chapter of a book (or by editing a blog post, like I’m doing now). I’d rather wake up a bit earlier and read a book than sleep in and rush through my morning any day.

Because I’m always reading, I’m always looking for new books and authors to check out. I’m always adding new books to my Good Reads account.

I’m definitely a mood reader; whatever I’m feeling at the moment is usually reflected in what I’m reading. If I need cheering up, I’ll grab a young adult romance or fantasy book. I’ll even reach for a middle grade book when I want to keep it super simple (think A Series of Unfortunate Events). I’ve been rereading Harry Potter which has been a HUGE pick me up and a healthy dose of sweet nostalgia.

Today, I wanted to share how I keep my to-read list fully stocked with new (and new to me) titles.


I follow authors and other readers on Goodreads and often find new reads just by scrolling through the feed. I love seeing what other people are reading and how they’re liking (or not liking) books. I’ll often add books to my list straight from the feed (Goodreads makes this super easy).


I started watching videos by the book community on Youtube (also known as Booktube) last Fall. Reviewers are often sent new releases, post book reviews and share thoughts on reads and authors that I never would have discovered on my own! Some of my favorite booktubers are Sam, Heather, Lala, Hannah, and Book Riot.


Similarly to Booktube, Bookstagram is how the reading community connects on Instagram. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing beautifully styled books, then saving the photos and looking them up later (or when I’m walking in the bookstore). Some of my favorite accounts are @herbookishthings, @phillybookclub, @sweptawaybybooks and @crimebythebook.

Book of the Month Club

I think I mention this service almost every month! Since joining Book of the Month I’ve discovered so many authors, new titles and explored new genres. I love that you can go back and select books from previous months, too!

Book Club

This has been a recent addition to my reading arsenal. We started a book club at work a few months ago, just between a few of my coworkers. Everyone submitted 4 titles that they’d like to read and we draw one randomly each month. I’ve read authors who I’ve wanted to get into for a while and books I never would have thought to pick up!


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  1. A book club at work is such a good idea! I might propose the idea. Love seeing what you are currently reading 🙂

  2. These are such great ideas! My friends and I had a book club once upon a time, but it fizzled out. It did expose me to authors and genres I would’ve never picked up on my own.

  3. Thank you for sharing @PhillyBookClub! I also find out about a lot of great books on Instagram. I signed up for Book of the Month club once but cancelled it after the 3 month mark since I could find the same books cheaper elsewhere (I buy a ton of books so getting a good bargain is essential to feeding my habit lol) – but I still say getting a 3 month membership to BOTM as a birthday gift would be a great idea!

    Another surprising way I find book recommendations is from my Amazon shopping habits! They’ll suggest similar books based on books I’ve bought before, and they’re usually pretty spot on.

  4. I’m amazed at how much easier it is to find things I want to read ever since joining BoTM!