Why I Prefer Working in the Morning

Why I prefer working in the morningsDuring the week, my alarm goes off between 5:30-6am. I’m up, working and drinking coffee between 5:50-6:15 every day, and it’s how I manage to get more done during the workweek. 

I know early mornings aren’t for everyone, but they are certainly for me.

I feel so accomplished when lunch time rolls around and I know I’ve already scheduled days of social and blog posts, read a few chapters in a book or caught up on some podcasts. It’s like getting an early start to a marathon every day.

When I wake up later, I definitely don’t get as much done. By the end of the day, regardless of how much I push myself to do otherwise, I typically just want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a good meal. Not to mention, working while I’m busy watching ridiculous reality tv never seems to work well.

I’ve heard the same sentiments time and time again from so many creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders. Waking up early does something to you. I really think a large part of it is mental, not about actually creating more time.

Whatever the logic behind, there are just so many reasons why I prefer waking up early to get things done…

Why I prefer working in the mornings

A fresh mind

I love getting to work first thing, when I’m at my most creative and my mind is still fresh. I’m not stressed out by the realities of the day yet, haven’t been inundated with news, and don’t have many mental distractions yet. Keeping my phone on do not disturb and checking email later rather than sooner helps preserve this for a little longer.

The feeling of accomplishment

Like I mentioned, when lunch time rolls around and I’ve already gotten the bulk of my list taken care of, I really feel unstoppable. It really helps me power through the rest of the day, because I’m already on a roll. Talk about self motivation. As long as there’s coffee in the pot, I can get more done early in the morning than others do all day!

Room for routine

Mornings have always been really important to me. Since I leave myself so much time from when I wake up to when I need to get ready and leave for work, there’s lots of room to have a full routine. If I want to do a face mask while I write, I can. If I want to make a more elaborate breakfast, there’s time for that too.

Higher energy levels

I have much more energy at 5:30am than I do at 5:30pm, after a long work day. I’m balancing blogging with my 9-5, so having the energy to work beyond work hours is essential to me. I also avoid coffee after 3pm, so if I do have more work to do in the evenings, I have to work off of whatever natural energy is left (which doesn’t tend to be a lot).

What’s your favorite time of day to get work done? I’d love to hear what works well for you in the comments!

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  1. Yes! I think it’s more than about creating more time as well. I can find it difficult to dive head first into work in the morning, but mornings are a great time for me to schedule meetings, because I make a commitment with those meetings and am held accountable by the person I’m meeting. After that meeting, I’m ready to keep the ball rolling with productivity! Without that first meeting though, it can take me awhile to start my day! Sometimes a friend and I will schedule a morning co-working session with each other at a cafe, and that always helps me. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • I love your systems of using meetings as a motivator!!

  2. I’m trying to change my habit from a night owl to a morning person now, and it’s proven to be really challenging with my work schedule now! Mornings seem to give more motivation to people

    • Early mornings aren’t for everyone. I always say you have to do what fits your needs and lifestyle best!

  3. I’m not as early of and early bird as you are, but I try to get moving by 7:30 and definitely feel like a complete productivity badass if I can get a lot of stuff done by noon.

    • When I have a bunch of things off my list by noon I literally feel invincible haha